Stem Cell Therapy Testimonials

Dear Person In Pain,

Imagine what it would be like to have a day in which your pain doesn't control what you do... While being able to do activities you thought were a memory of the past.

Your happiness would skyrocket, and you would be able to:

  • Play with your kids/grandchildren again.
  • Live comfortable with much less, or even no pain.
  • Enjoy walking, sports, or other physical activities again.
  • Be present in the moment instead of thinking about how much pain you're in.
  • ETC

Now, before Stem Cell Therapy these awesome people below were living in discomfort... See what they have to say about how stem cells changed their lives.

Less Pain Equals Happier Moods.

Tom had a great deal of pain in his knees and hands from decades of farming. Tom's love for raising cattle and being able to live life is what lead him to try stem cell therapy.

Here's what Tom and his wife Sally have to say about the results.

In this video Tom talks about how:

  • Knee and Hand Pain almost kept Tom from farming/raising cattle.
  • After getting stem cell therapy for his knees the results were so good he decided to try it for his carpal tunnel.
  • Both his knees, and hands are feeling great with no pain, numbness, or other previous discomforts.
  • Stem cell therapy has also helped him heal faster, be pain free, and be in a better mood all around.

As you can tell, Tom was very glad that he decided to get Stem Cell Therapy. Our next person is a very fit women that was unable to train because of injuries.

Let's meet Kathleen.

She Can Finally Work Out Again.

Next is Kathleen, this great women was being held back from weight competitions due to previous injuries. Her drive to get back into working out is what lead her to try stem cell therapy.

Listen to what Kathleen has to say.

In this video Kathleen talks about how:

  • She was not able to do a squat, lunge, or even put her pants on because of injury.
  • In just 4 weeks she was able to start being physical again.
  • Soon after she started doing light activity stem cells allowed her to start lifting again.
  • Stem cell therapy prevented her from getting surgery, and helped her get back into competitions.

Kathleen loved what Stem Cell Therapy was able to do for her. Our next testimonial is from a man that has battled pain from AS his entire life, let's meet Bill.

Im Not In Any Pain, I Feel Fantastic.

Our next testimony comes from Bill, he was diagnosed with AS (ankylosing spondylitis) at twelve years old, and has battled pain his entire life. Bill's want to stop his progressive AS is the reason he decided to go with stem cell therapy.

Listen to what Bill says about his results.

In this video Bill talks about how:

  • He has battle pain from AS his entire life, and at one point could barely walk around.
  • Stem cells have helped him stop taking his medication.
  • His arthritis feels much better after getting his therapy.
  • He was on Remicade, and Humira before stem cells.

Bill was encouraged with what Stem Cell Therapy was able to do for him. Our next testimonial is from a women whose scar would never go away... or so she thought.

Scars Don't Stand A Chance.

"The IT is the scar on my chin which is sort of my badge of courage from that evening back in early June of last year when I managed to whack my chin while disconnecting the sway bars between my truck and camper. A trip first to an urgent care where the doctor refused to treat me because the injury was in my face and then to the emergency room where I waited for an hour for treatment, that is an evening I will never forget. I am still grateful to Sandra M. for stopping by that hospital to keep me company.

But the biggest thanks goes to Beckie Swetlic and Jim Swetlic and their unbelievable generosity, I can now say that I barely notice the scar. The treatments done by Angela Schertz nurse practitioner have made all the difference in the scar healing. And while I still have some lingering pain and stiffness in my lower jaw, I am grateful for all they and their staff did to improve my physical condition.

So that will probably be the last selfie I post since I hate pictures of myself."