DNA Specific Weight Loss Programs.

The Dahlia Center is is a weight loss clinic in Ohio that focuses on helping people lose weight by giving them a weight loss program designed based on your DNA profile. We understand that each person is different, some people react better to some foods, while others may need to exercise differently in order to get the results they want, and because of this not every diet will work the same for everyone. That is what makes us different then most weight loss clinics because our lead nurse practitioner makes your weight loss program after studying your DNA profile.

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Our Weight Loss Program Benefits:

Diets are all over the place, but which ones will actually work for you? Our weight loss programs are designed with your exact DNA profile therefore we build your weight loss program exactly for how your body reacts. Here are some of the things we love about our weight loss programs.

  • Loss Weight Faster w/ DNA Back Programs
    • Before you start our weight loss program we do a full DNA analysis of how your body therefore giving us all the information we need to create a diet built for you, that actually works.
  • Scientifically Proven To Lose 2.5x (On Average) More Weight Than Regular Diets
    • Backed by a Stanford University study people that were on a diet based on their genetic profile lost 2.5x more weight than those not on DNA specific plan.
  • Step By Step Weight Loss Guide Is Easy To Follow.
    • Our weight loss programs are designed with easy in mind, therefore no matter how if you know how to workout, or are new to diets, you will get a step by step program on what to eat, how to exercise and exactly what to do in order to loss the weight you want.

What Makes Our Weight Loss Program Different From The Rest?

All of our weight loss programs are different from most others because we don't make one program for everyone. Before we start you on your own personalized weight program we do genetic testing on you in order to find out how your body works. It allows us to see which foods are better/worse for you, what exercise may be more effective for you, and it gives us a much better look at how your overall body will react to any specific diet.

Once we figure out the best route to take in order for you to lose weight, we then design your own personalized weight loss program based on your DNA profile. Doing our weight loss programs in this way have really been effective, and set us apart from most other diets.

How Does Your Weight Loss Program Work?

For our weight loss program the first step is getting your personalized DNA profile, therefore we do a genetic test to see what diet would work for you. After we get your genetic profile our Nurse Practitioner then makes a weight loss program based on your DNA profile.

You will get a step by step guide on what to eat, what foods to stay away from, what exercises to do, and even when to work out. Therefore it's really easy to understand how your program will give you the best results. Another great thing about our weight loss program is that you always have a team to reach out to if you have questions, or need help getting the most out of your personalized weight loss program.

Why Do You Use Genetic Testing For A Weight Loss Program?

We do genetic testing for our weight loss program because we understand that each and every person is different. Doing a genetic profile for each person allows us to understand how their body will react to the different foods that we give with our food programs.

Also, another huge benefit to doing a genetic profile is that it allows us to understand how much protein, carbs, fats, etc is best for your body type. Stanford University did a study and proved that people that did a diet specific to their DNA profile lost 2.5x more weight than those that did not have a specific plan.

Who Is A Good Fit For Your Weight Loss Program?

Since our weight loss programs are designed specifically for each person that we see anyone can really benefit from our weight loss programs. Therefore no matter if you're new to dieting, or if you're experience we design your plan based on your goals. Which really makes anyone that wants to lose weight, and get in better health a great candidate for our weight loss programs.

How much does a Weight Loss consultation cost?

Free! The Dahlia Center gives all of our patients a free Weight Loss Consultation in order for you to understand if our program is right for you. Therefore book your free consultation today, and see how our weight loss program can put control back into your hands.