Enhanced Muscle, Higher Sex Drive, Better Overall Health.

The Dahlia Center is is a Male Hormone Optimization clinic in Ohio that loves helping men get their hormones in back in balance. As you men get older we all know what starts to happen. Our bodies start to get weaker, our muscles smaller, and sometimes we even start to get erectile dysfunction. The reason all of these unwanted things start happening to us is because our hormones start to get off balance. Our bodies start creating less testosterone, and it then becomes hard to build muscle, and the "Dad bod" begins. Our clinic helps stop your dad bod with a full male panel, followed by the perfect male hormone replacement program.

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Our Male Hormone Optimization Program Benefits:

When male hormones start to get out of balance you can start to see a lot of negative effects and that is why we started our male hormone replacement programs. Here are some of the best things we love about our male hormone therapy.

  • Increased Muscle & Body Tone
    • Our male hormone replacement program puts your testosterone levels back to where they should be, which allows better muscle growth and a leaner body.
  • Enhanced Sex Drive & Libido
    • Lower sex drive and even erectile dysfunction can be caused by low testosterone levels, which can be greatly reduced by our male hormone replacement program.
  • Better Metabolism.
    • Balanced hormones mean that you will have a better metabolism in order to burn fat, look great and feel even better.

What Makes Your Male Hormone Optimization Program So Effective?

Our Male Hormone Optimization program is so effective because we do a full male panel to see where each person is at with your hormone levels. Once we figure out where you are with your hormone levels, we then use a Testosterone Cypionate/Nanonate Combination in grape seed oil injection in order to normalize your hormone levels.

These intramuscular injections are administered every 4 days, and the injection amount changes based on our Nurse Practitioners program specifically designed for you.

How Does Your Male Hormone Optimization Program Work?

First thing we do is start a full male panel in order to get your specific hormone off balance information. Once our Nurse Practitioners understand what kind of hormone program you should be on, we then give you an intramuscular injection of a Testosterone Cypionate/Nanoate every 4 days.

Our goal with our male hormone program is to get your hormone levels back to normal therefore your body functions the way it's suppose to.

Why Do You Use Testosterone Cypionate/Nanonate Combo For Your Male Hormone Program?

We use a combination of Testosterone Cypionate/Nanonate because it's a very effective, and safe way in order for us to get your hormone back to normal. The combination is mixed in grape seed oil, and administered by a Nurse Practitioner in order to give you the safest, and most effective hormone program out there.

Who Is A Good Fit For Your Weight Loss Program?

Any male that is suffering from lower testosterone levels is a good fit for our male hormone optimization program. Signs of lower testosterone are loosing muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, lower sex drive, hair loss, fatigue, increased body fat, and even decreased bone mass. Therefore if you're seeing any of these symptoms, you may be a great candidate for our male hormone program.

How much does a Male Hormone Optimization consultation cost?

Free! The Dahlia Center gives all of our patients a free Male Hormone Optimization consultation in order for you to understand if our program is right for you. Therefore book your free consultation today, and see how our hormone optimization clinic in Ohio can get your testosterone levels back to normal.