Microneedling & Stem Cells To Prevent Hair Loss.

The Dahlia Center is is a hair loss clinic in Ohio that focuses on getting people that full head of hair back, without giving you an empty promise. Our clinic uses a combination of your skin pen, PRP, and Amiogen in order to fight hair loss with science. (Depending On The Level)

hair loss clinics in ohio picture of a balding man with a purple tint that says hair loss programs that use science for results in the foreground for the dahlia center in medina ohio

Our Hair Loss Program Benefits:

There is everything on the market now a days that tells you it can help you with hair loss, but which ones actually work? Here at the Dahlia Center our hair loss program uses the power of medicine, and science to produce real results. Here are some things we love about our hair loss program.

  • Different Levels Of Hair Loss Treatments
    • Our hair loss clinic in Ohio has 3 different levels of treatment that we use to bring back your hair, which makes a package perfect no matter how much hair you have. (Or Don't Have)
  • Microneedling & PRP Bring Your Hair Back For Good
    • Some hair loss programs just thicken your hair for a short period of time, our techniques last therefore your head of hair isn't just a temporary relief.
  • Get Your Confidence Back.
    • Our program helps get your hair back therefore you can get your confidence back.

What Makes Our Hair Loss Program So Effective?

Our hair loss program is so effective because we use the science, and medicine in order to fight your hair loss. Our clinic uses a combination of Microneedling, Amiogen (Pre Stem Cell Treatment), and Protein Righ Peptides (PRP) to fight your hair loss, and to prevent it from returning.

How Does Your Hair Loss Program Work?

First thing we do when we start anyone on our hair loss program is to look at how bad your hair loss is. For severe cases of hair loss we may recommend all three treatments combined, and for less serious we may only suggest microneedling.

Once we understand which hair loss program is right for you, we start the process of getting your hair back!

Why Do You Use Microneedling and Amiogen For Your Hair Loss Program?

We use a combination of Microneedling, and Amiogen for hair loss because we know it's effective. The Microneedling promotes stem cell growth in the area that we treat, and the Amiogen gives it a super boost.

We have found that when we use a combination of our treatments in order to fight hair loss we see better results for you, and that is what we are really after.

Who Is A Good Fit For Your Weight Loss Program?

Anyone that is effected by hair loss is a great fit for our program. It's safe, effective, and can really bring your hair back.

How much does a Weight Loss consultation cost?

Free! The Dahlia Center gives all of our patients a free Hair Loss Consultation in order for you to understand if our program is right for you. Therefore book your free consultation today, and see how our hair loss program can put control back into your hands.