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At The Dahlia Center we believe in new medicine. Previously if you got any major injury, such as a rotator cuff tear, or blowing out your knee you would be recommended to a major surgery. You would be put under the knife, cut open, and have a very invasive surgery that takes months (sometimes years) to heal. These major surgeries keep you out of work for a long time, and sometimes can even make the area even worse then it was before. Here at The Dahlia Center we focus on healing your inflammation injuries through Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy, and other new medicine practices. Lead by Real Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Professionals, our medical clinic strives to make you as healthy as you can be. We’re also excited to let you know that we have Free Consultations for each of our health services, and we also offer 12/24 same as cash financing so you can get the treatment you deserve.

Here’s Our “New Medicine”

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Our Medical Masterminds

Angela Schertz, MSN, NP-C is the medical magician behind the Dahlia Center. Her strong passion for helping others feel as good as they can is what encouraged the Dahlia Center’s beginning.

Starting as an United States Navy Medic, her career for taking care of others began. After leaving the Navy as a Medic, she pursued a nursing degree in which she got in 2000, followed by a post masters in Adult Nurse Practitioner from Kent State University in 2006.

After leaving Kent State as a Nurse Practitioner Angela has done many different ventures in the medical field caring for others until she started studying the effects of regenerative medicine in order to advance medicine. Her passion since shifted to helping others using regenerative medicine such as Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy, and she continues to pioneer the way for this amazing medical advancement.

To this day Angela has given more then 700 stem cell injections, and continues to see amazing results for The Dahlia Center’s patients. It’s now her goal in order to spread information about how amazing these regenerative medicines are by holding seminars for people to learn the truth about Stem Cell Therapy, and other “New Medicine”.

Dr. Tushar Shah: Collaborating Physician – Verified Ohio License To Practice Medicine.

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Our Business Professional

Timothy Jayes is one of the founding owners of the Dahlia Center for Full Body Rejuvenation and an expert in business functions and development.  He has built numerous businesses from the ground up and takes pride in developing business relationships with those that share the same entrepreneurial spirit that he does.

He has held management positions with enormously successful companies including Pepperidge Farm, Nationwide Insurance and Wendy’s Corporation.  He excels in Operations Management, Business Development and Administrative Management.

Timothy has earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and Associate’s degree in Organizational Management therefore Timothy is a huge part of the Dahlia Center’s team.

“I am overly excited to be leading this amazing team of professionals and bringing this cutting-edge business concept to the great people of Northeast Ohio.  This is the future of rejuvenative medicine and I can not wait to improve the lives of our patients”

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